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Ingredia, Inc.

Wapakoneta, OH 45895
United States

Since dairy products play a large role in most diets, Ingredia-usa is dedicated to providing the industry with the better-quality, nutritional ingredients its market demands. Our experts partner with companies across North America to create all types of dairy products - each with valuable proteins and bioactives for promoting greater well-being. These include ingredients such as Pep2Dia®, Lactium®, Proferrin®, Osteum™, and Prodiet® Fluid. Our milk contents have lent to better mental, bone, digestive, and muscle health, among other benefits.


  • OsteumTM
  • Prodiet Proteins (Speciality Proteins)
  • Prodiet Hydrolysates
  • Prodiet Fluid
  • Prodiet Bar
  • Prodiet Advance
  • Lactium®
  • Prodiet Colostrum
  • Prodiet Lactoferrin
Lactium, Pep2Dia, Proferrin, Osteum, Prodiet


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
Pep2Dia dairy bioactive for blood sugar management


Ingredia driving innovation - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Research & Innovation

Dairy-based bioactives ingredients - Ingredia Dairy Experts


Dairy-based bioactives ingredients - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Prodiet® Colostrum

Dairy-based bioactives ingredients - Ingredia Dairy Experts


Dairy-based bioactives ingredients - Ingredia Dairy Experts


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Via Lacta®

Innovation is at the core of our strategy, Ingredia Dairy Experts


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PRODIET® hydrolysates

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Native whey proteins

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Total milk proteins

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Dairy powders

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