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Ingredia Inc.

United States

Ingredia Dairy Experts is a dairy company that develops and manufactures dairy powders, milk proteins, functional systems and bioactive ingredients for the food, nutrition and health industries worldwide. Ingredia Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Ingredia Dairy Experts, promotes and distributes a range of products and solutions adapted to the local market. The health and nutrition portfolio is made of: nutritional solutions, a range of specialty proteins and hydrolysates; and unique Bio-Actives with clinically proven efficacy. A blending facility is also in the U.S.


  • OsteumTM
  • Prodiet Proteins (Speciality Proteins)
  • Prodiet Hydrolysates
  • Prodiet Fluid
  • Prodiet Bar
  • Prodiet Advance
  • Lactium®
  • Prodiet Colostrum
  • Prodiet Lactoferrin


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
Ingredia driving innovation - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Research & Innovation

Dairy-based bioactives ingredients - Ingredia Dairy Experts


Dairy-based bioactives ingredients - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Prodiet® Colostrum

Dairy-based bioactives ingredients - Ingredia Dairy Experts


Dairy-based bioactives ingredients - Ingredia Dairy Experts


Liquid milk - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Via Lacta®

Innovation is at the core of our strategy, Ingredia Dairy Experts


Milk protein hydrolysates - Ingredia Dairy Experts

PRODIET® hydrolysates

Native whey proteins - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Native whey proteins

Total milk proteins - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Total milk proteins

Dairy powders - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Dairy powders

Micellar caseins - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Micellar caseins