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Inventia Healthcare Ltd.


Inventia is a 30+ year old company focussed on developing innovative products for the pharmaceutical industry -- now applying these validated technologies to provide benefits for the Nutraceutical Industry. Our objective is to use our proprietary patented technologies and apply them to improving your overall manufacturing cost, aid in processing and increase your profitability by offering products to your consumer which are easier to consume, are more efficacious to improve compliance to the therapy, formulate products without compromising its nutritional value etc. Our technology platforms Gum Granules - Ready to compress chewing gum granules Powdered Liquids - Conversation of liquids (oils/pulps/juices) to powder Taste masking - Taste modification (palate preference) and taste neutralization Modified Release - Altering the release profile of the ingredients Fixed Dose Combinations - Two or more ingredients fused (as per dose) into granules Dispersible Solutions - Converting ingredients to give readily dispersible uniform solution Product Range (using our technologies) Water Dispersible Turmeric Extract – A range of turmeric extracts with enhanced curcuminoids as high as 60%, water dispersible, bioavailable, clinically proven, reduced dose and all natural. Non-staining Turmeric Extract - NLT 93% Curcuminoids, free flowing, all natural with no added excipients. MCT – Range of highest available percentage of MCT powder (NLT 75%), free flowing, carbon free, highly stable, available from both palm and coconut source and also available from pure C8 coconut source. Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract – Free flowing, taste masked, water dispersible powder with highest content of Boswellic acids clinically proven for use in IBD and Gut Health. Gums Granules – Range of chewing gums granules have been developed (Turmeric/Ginger and Boswellia) that can be compressed easily into gums on any tabletting machine. A cost effective technogly that will allow in house manufacturing of chewing gums even at lower volumes. Can be developed for any ingredient/ active of your choice to be delivered as gums.


  • Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)
  • Drug Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT)

Delayed action Psyllium Husk

unstain (Non-staining Turmeric Extract)

bsRx 25n (Boswellia Serrata Extract)

CaffXtend (Long-acting Caffeine)

Keto-HIMCT (MCT Oil Granules)

TurmXTRA 60N (Water Dispersible Turmeric Extract)

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