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Isodiol International Inc.


Isodiol® has been on the leading edge of CBD research, development, and manufacturing from our very start. Over the years, we’ve made tremendous strides in the CBD space, founding subsidiaries and forging partnerships that have allowed us to manufacture goods in accordance with strict industry practices and standards.

Raw Bulk Supply

Our bulk raw ingredients deliver the unique and powerful benefits of CBD quickly and easily. They’re also designed to enhance any CBD experience when added to foods, beverages, cosmetics, and vape accessories.

ISO99™: from seed to crystalline™, ISO99™ is extracted from top quality hemp strains utilizing proprietary hydrocarbon extraction methods and is the most bioactive and purest form of CBD isolate on the market.

Heneplex™: micro-encapsulated CBD with natural phytocannabinoids and botanical terpenes, Heneplex™ is a proprietary hemp complex that offers superior delivery in a water-based blend.

BSPG™ Cannabidiol: for use in drug development and clinical trials for all proposed indications requiring an API for humans and pets. BSPG™ produces a pure and natural CBD molecule from Hemp with no traces of THC.

API Designation

BSPG Laboratories™, is registered with the United Kingdom's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for producing CBD as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for use in pharmaceutical applications for humans and animals.

The 99.7% pure, pharmaceutical and API-grade CBD manufactured by BSPG Laboratoriesis qualified for use in therapeutic drugs and in clinical studies and is capable of worldwide supply.

Contract Manufacturing

Isodiol® contract manufacturing capabilities include ready-to-label and white label services offering a full range of product lines and bulk raw ingredients with trademarked adaptogenic CBD formulations ready for re-branding. This allows specialized lines and brands to retain their identities while delivering the unique and powerful benefits of Isodiol® products in customized blends.

Isodiol® goods available for contract manufacturing include: full spectrum adaptogenic and ISO99™ tinctures, oral mist sprays, pain relief creams and patches, skincare products, capsules/supplements, energy and sleep aid shots, hemp-infused beverages and beverage enhancers, and vape products.    

Customizable features may include flavors (i.e. chocolate, vanilla, mixed berry, etc.), dosage amounts (15mg, 250mg, etc.), and various enhancements like added electrolytes, caffeine, oxygen B vitamins, and more.

Isodiol® is publicly traded with corporate offices based in Vancouver, Canada, with additional operations in the United States, South America, and the U.K. For more information about Isodiol®, please visit or call (855) 979-6751. 


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Wake N Bake K-Cup | Isodiol

Wake N Bake K-Cup

Bioactive NanoMist™ | Isodiol

Bioactive NanoMist™

Regenerating 7 Serum | Isodiol

Regenerating 7 Serum

RapidCBD Relief Cream | Isodiol

RapidCBD Relief Cream

NEURO SUPPORT CBD with Direct Effects ™ | Isodiol

NEURO SUPPORT CBD with Direct Effects ™

Delicious VapeIT ™ Flavored CBD E-Liquid | Isodiol

Delicious VapeIT ™ Flavored CBD E-Liquid

RapidCBD Ease Caps | Isodiol

RapidCBD Ease Caps

Iso-Sport Rest CBD Capsules | Isodiol


Bioactive Xtend Caps™ | Isodiol

Bioactive Xtend Caps™

RapidCBD Pure, Natural Hemp Oil Tincture | Isodiol

RapidCBD Pure, Natural Hemp Oil Tincture

Tasty Tinctures by Bradley's Brand – Pineapple Sherbert | Isodiol

Tasty Tinctures by Bradley's Brand – Pineapple Sherbert

NanoBoost+ | Isodiol