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JBiChem is a leading manufacturer of Glucosamine & Chondroitin since 1995. With the own production companies both in China & Vietnam, we develop, manufacture and supply natural ingredients for food, feed and cosmetics. Our Vietnamese factory is GMP, ISO9001 & ISO22000 certified, where we produce full types Glucosamine under the brand VinaCosamine™, that sustainable production and transparent tractability are guaranteed. Besides Glucosamine, we also produce and supply Chitosan (VinaChito™), Chondroitin (Pure B™ , Pure S™ and Avian), Magnesium (SeaMag™).” HA, MSM and some botanical extracts.


  • JBVN Glucosamine
  • Pure S CSS
  • Pure B CSB
  • Solu+ CS
  • iJoint Premix