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Nutraceutical ingredient: Super anti-oxidant carotenoid complex AdoniCare™

The only super anti-oxidant carotenoid complex “AdoniCare™” for Healthy Active Aging at any age.

Do you know AdoniCare™ bothers?
They are Adonixanthin, Adonirubin and Astaxanthin.

Contained in seafood such as salmon, shrimp and crabs, Astaxanthin, are well known carotenoid, having antioxidant capability (ability to eliminate singlet oxygen) that is 6000 times of vitamin C and 800 times more of Coenzyme Q10. And our rare carotenoids (Adonixanthin & Adonirubin) have more powerful anti-oxidant capability than Astaxanthin, and these carotenoids may have anti-inflammatory and ameliorating lipid metabolism effects.
AdoniCare™ has various anti-aging effects as it improves eye function, skin health and cognitive function. We have succeeded in commercial production in AdoniCare™ with special microorganisms (non-GMOs) and now, we are glad to introduce you this new innovated products for your Healthy Active Aging.

AdoniCare™ ARE-C

This unique ultra-high concentrated carotenoid powder contains ?15% of rare carotenoids (Adonixanthin & Adonirubin) and ?60% of Astaxanthin. With further processing, AdoniCare™ ARE-C can be used in a variety of nutraceutical applications, such as tablet, capsule, gummy, bars and liquid supplements.

AdoniCare™ ARE-10P

This high concentrated fine powder contains ?4% of rare carotenoids (Adonixanthin & Adonirubin) and ?10% of Astaxanthin. It is suitable for tablets mixed with other powder ingredients

AdoniCare™ ARE-1P

This fine powder contains ?0.3% of rare carotenoids (Adonixanthin & Adonirubin) and ?1% of Astaxanthin. Employing our own technique to increase bioavailability, it is introduced into the blood shortly after being ingested. It is suitable for sports drinks and liquid supplements that require quick effects.


  • AdoniCare™
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