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Kappa Bioscience AS


Kappa Bioscience AS, maker of K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7, is market leader and pioneer in the commercial development of exceptionally pure, all-transmenaquinone-7 produced by organic synthesis, and microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA for stability in mineral formulations.


K2VITAL® has achieved the four critical requirements for successful nutritional ingredients: compelling science, consumer demand, convenient dosage, and price. K2 serves all consumer segments in 14 market categories. New consumer research shows that K2 awareness and usage exceeds other popular ingredients, and with a cost-per-dose of under 2 cents, K2 is ready for mass-commercialization. Kappa research and modelling demonstrates that vitamin K2 will mirror the rapid growth and consumer adoption of vitamin D3, becoming ‘the next D3.’


Vitamin K2 is an essential vitamin that directs calcium to the right places in the body. K2 activates the osteocalcin proteins that bind calcium to bones, and the matrix-Gla proteins (MGP) that bind and remove excess calcium from arteries to promote healthy circulation and prevent arterial hardening. Nearly 20 clinical studies support health benefits and 17 FDA-guideline structure function claims.


Kappa is your partner in successful product launches throughout every stage in the process.  Innovations, including the K2 Formulation LookBook and ExperienceCard program, speed time-to-market.


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K2 MK-7
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Vitamin K2 DELTA

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