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Kemin Health, LLC

Des Moines, IA 50317
United States

From North America to Japan, we are a melting pot of science-backed, naturally sourced ingredients that improve vision, immunity, cognition and weight management. Kemin scientists make proven ingredients so our customers can provide impactful, natural dietary supplements and functional food and beverages. We work with local farmers in regions around the world who cultivate and bring our natural ingredients to life. Our marigolds are handpicked with care to support our gold-standard lutein and zeaxanthin - clinically proven for eye, brain and skin health. Our algae are carefully grown in closed, controlled environments to benefit immune health. Our spearmint plants with high polyphenol content are nurtured to support cognitive performance, specifically focus and working memory. Together, we are many minds with one unifying goal: providing people the opportunity to live a healthier life. For more information, visit


  • FloraGLO Lutein
  • ZeaOne Zeaxanthin
  • Slendesta
  • Neumentix
  • BetaVia Pure
  • BetaVia Complete
FloraGLO® Lutein | ZeaONE® Zeaxanthin | Neumentix™ | BetaVia™ Complete | BetaVia™ Pure | Slendesta®


  • American Botanical Council (ABC)
  • Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)

ZeaONE® Zeaxanthin




FloraGLO® Lutein

BetaVia™ Pure

BetaVia™ Complete

Neumentix™ Phenolic Complex K110-42 for Cognitive & Physical Performance Support