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KinOmega Biopharm Inc.


Technique Strengths

KinOmega is a R&D and technique rooted company. Its team consists of experts and chemists who have strong academic background and years experience in

Omega-3 purification, concentration, separation and enzymatic process. They provide us the everlasting support to KinOmega development and success. 



KinOmega R&D is the core of our competence. It focus on:

  • Innovative Enzymatic Process

  • Purification Technology

  • Deodorization

  • Concentration and separation

  • High Purity 

Purification Technology

  • Proprietary Purification Technologies to Remove the Heavy Metals, Pesticides, PCBs and Dioxins

  • Gentle and Extra Process to Protect the Oil from Oxidation

  • Deodorization Process Guarantees a Neutral Odor and Taste

  • Unique 3 times distillation and purification 


  • KinOmega


  • Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED)
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