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Lactalis Ingredients

United States

Lactalis Ingredients Introduces Pronativ®.

Pronativ® , Native Whey protein,  created  by Lactalis Ingredients through innovation technology, was developed to meet the needs of consumers seeking to be a better version of themselves, using resources provided by mother nature. Not like other protein which are heavily processed, Pronativ® is made simply with one single ingredient; farm fresh milk that is cold filtered with nothing else you wouldn’t want.

At first sight, Pronativ® protein and other proteins may look similar, but not all protein is created equal and this makes the difference for your body. One gram of PRONATIV® doesn’t equal one gram of traditional cheese whey, plant protein or collagen. 

Otherwise, in this crowded protein market you compete against products offering endless benefits and perceptions which might not be strongly founded. PRONATIV® is a different kind of protein; you don’t need to compromise, You can be truthful, authentic and progressive, giving your consumers access to a protein that delivers natural nutrients with clinically proven benefits (muscle protein synthesis, muscle recovery and muscle performance). A different kind of protein you feel good about and that your body craves.

Thanks to strong science, more and more experts support the PRONATIV® Native whey protein value proposition, check out our latest clinical study (,  so you can also appreciate and find how you could help your consumers make a difference by helping them reach their full potential naturally.

We developed on the go concepts formulated with PRONATIV®, come try our Protein Lemon coffee Energizer and our Raspberry Hibiscus protein pocket.



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