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LEMUR International Inc.

Richmond, CA 94806
United States

LEMUR International, Inc. was established in June 1996 by Madagascar native, Roger Rakotomalala.  We offer the finest organic Vanilla, Cinnamon and Essential Oil products from Madagascar for the food & beverage, nutraceutical, cosmetic and aromatherapy industries.  We grow our Vanilla Beans using certified organic methods, protecting soil quality and using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides drying each pod in natural sunlight, never in overheated ovens. Our vanilla is the preferred choice of chefs, bakers, confectioners and ice cream manufacturers who require premium quality in their kitchens.

Madagascar Cinnamon (Cinnamon Zeylani-cum, or True Cinnamon) grows wild on the island’s east and northwest coasts and is harvested from our model cinnamon farming program that has taught villagers how to clear underbrush to protect trees from fire and to operate a steam distillation facility for leaves that are a byproduct of bark collection.  The result, Madagascar Cinnamon is sweeter than the commonly used cinnamon (Cassia, cultivated in China & Indonesia), is a light tan color and has a smooth bark surface. Madagascar Cinnamon is perfect in sweet and subtle dishes that require a delicate flavor while Cassia should be reserved for spicy dishes and curries.

Given Madagascar’s clean environment, we are able to produce Essential Oils from pure, clean and uncontaminated plants. Through a process of steam distillation, the plant’s essential oil is extracted; yet the yield is small. For us to make one pound of our ylang–ylang essential oil requires fifty pounds of flower


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