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LFA Machines

Fort Worth, TX 76111
United States

At LFA Machines we understand that our business is supporting you in your business.

Our websites, LFA Tablet PressesLFA Capsule Fillers, and LFA Mixers have been deliberately kept separate to ensure that this support is exactly what you and your business need. Rather than you having to pick through irrelevant or confusing information.

At the same time, our teams work closely together in the background, sharing skills and knowledge. This ensures that if there is a way one of our other teams can better assist you, you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

We have offices in both the UK, Germany and The USA to ensure that you have support close to you in a language that is easiest for you.

We currently have technical support in English, German and Spanish and are always looking to grow our team in a way that facilitates better communication with you.

Started in 2009 and initially focusing on just tablet presses our team has grown to 11. Over this time we have helped 100’s of customers just like you overcome there Tableting, Mixing and Capsuling problems.

We have developed in-house knowledge in areas such as clean room set up, regulations (such as GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, The Orange Gide), tableting formulation, mix validation and different forms of granulation, to mention a few. We are always happy to impart this knowledge to you to help you in whatever challenges you are facing.

If your problem happens to be one we have not seen before. All the better. We love a new challenge and are more than happy to put our time effort and resources into working with you to learn something new.

Core to our business are three principles, transparency, to teach and to support.


When speaking to our existing customer base one of the major problems that the mentioned about getting set up was information. What machinery should they buy? How much does it cost? What licenses do they need? Training, shipping, tax? The list went on.

So we have made sure we are the most transparent machinery retailer that we know of. We list all of our prices on our site. You do not have to request a quote. They are just there in £, $ and € so that you can easily work out how much it is going to cost you. All of our prices include shipping and UK and EU taxes. We are not going to take your money and leave you with a big shipping or tax bill.

To help shed light on the rest of the industry we publish weekly blogs. On all three of our sites, in areas such as tableting, mixing, clean room set up, capsuling, new industry trends and regulations. All of this is free and available online to our community.

Worried about the laws. Don’t. Speak to our team to get advice. If we don’t know the answer we will speak to Campden BRI or our legal team to find it out for you.


You have the idea. That does not mean that you always have the in house skills to get your project off the ground. We understand that it can be daunting not knowing the basics.

To overcome this we have free introductory videos for all of our machines. On top of this, we are always adding to them. If you have a problem then please get in contact and tell us what our next video should be. If you have had the problem then the chances are that other people have as well.

Whether you have been in your industry for 5 minutes, 5 years or 50 years. At LFA we know how important it is to learn, train and keep up to date with changes in your market. So every week we try to release 2-3 new blogs in multiple languages, keeping you up to date with changes in the law, new techniques and best practices. We have an extensive back catalogue of articles that are only available on any of LFA’s sites.

Sometimes all of the videos and blogs in the world are no replacement for having someone show you. Whenever you buy a tablet press, capsule machine, mixer or any other piece of pharmaceutical equipment from LFA we give you free in person training. We know that 2 hours, or even a full day, spent with you now can save 100’s of emails, phone calls and stressful moments.

If you have not brought your machine from us we are still happy to spend time with you or your team. We do charge for this service. If you are stuck, in trouble or simply lost get in contact with us via our contact us page, emailin


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VH Powder Mixer

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