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Lianyungang Kangia International Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Sheng 222001

Kanion’s core products include, Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24%/6%, Milk Thistle Extract, Epimedium / Horny Goat Extract, herbal teas, Omega-3 fish oil soft gels, Vitamin E soft gels, EPO soft gels, CLA soft gels, and much more….

With respect to Kanion’s Ginkgo Biloba 24%/6% Extract, it is manufactured in one of its production facilities exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of this extract only. With its focus on quality, technology and price, Kanion supplies its Ginkgo Biloba Extract to clients around the world. 

Why Kanion’s Ginkgo Biloba Extract?

Quality Raw Materials

The ginkgo leaves used to produce Kanion’s extract are grown on its own GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) plantations and are free of pesticides. It carefully harvests, processes and stores the ginkgo biloba leaves so as to maintain the quality of the materials.

tate of the Art Manufacturing

Kanion processes the ginkgo leaves in their state of the art facilities using diluted ethanol, a more efficient and environmentally-friendly extraction process when compared to other organic solvents, such as acetone or water.  This effectively avoids any damage to the active ingredients within the ginkgo leaves.  Furthermore, they manufacture the extract using advanced microporous absorption resin technology, which helps to ensure stability and consistency between batches. 

Kanion’s Ginkgo Biloba extract is 100% natural and, accordingly, Kanion is the only Chinese manufacturer of Ginkgo Biloba extract using fingerprinting technology to control flavanol glycosides and to prove that their extract is 100% natural.  It also conducts supplemental analyses on free-state quercetin, kaempferol, isorhamnetin to ensure the extract is completely natural. Kanion carefully controls for illegally added materials, such as sophoricoside and conducts third-party testing whenever needed.


North-American Distribution

Thera-Plantes Inc. is Kanion’s exclusive North American distributor of Ginkgo Biloba 24%/6% Extract.  

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