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Ligno Biotech Sdn Bhd

Balakong Jaya Selangor 43300


LiGNO is a mushroom cultivation biotechnology company, specializing in the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms via its proprietary cultivation technology.  We are committed to developing high quality, exclusive and effective medicinal mushrooms derived products that improve the health & wellbeing of mankind and animals..  

LiGNO is the world’s first producer of the Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerus), the Malaysian National Treasure which has been used to support respiratory & Immune health.  The cultivar is branded under trade name LiGNO TM02® .   LiGNO TM02® has been proven to support healthy inflammatory activity.. In vitro analyses also indicated that the SODs present in TM02® might be responsible for the potent inhibitory effects against CML, Pent, and other related AGE structure formation.  Besides, it also contains immunity supporting properties.

Orphiocordyceps sinensis fruting body (LiGNO OSC02) - supports immune & men health, reduce fatigue

Antrodia camphorata (LiGNO AC07)- support liver health



  1.  We offer standardized cultivated medicinal mushrooms active ingredients
  2. We provide 1 stop ODM/OEM service including:

Product concepts – product formulation & development -product packaging – processing & manufacturing – product registration


  • LiGNO TM02