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LIVERD PHARMA CO.,LTD. is established in August 2013.LIVERD is located in Gaosheng Economic Zone, Panjin City, Liaoning Province, the area is 40000M 2.

The main products are include of Silymarin/Milk thistle Exact, Silybin, Silybum Marianum Oil. LIVERD committed to building a High-end Milk thistle health industry, and now, LIVERD has Formed a perfect milk thistle production diversfied benign pattern of development system, which take Silymarin production as main body and the deep processing of milk thistle by-products for complement, and the development of nutrition health care products as prolongation.

LIVERD has passed the national GMP certified in January 2017, also has passed ISO 9001 certified and BRC certified, got the KOSHER and HALAL certificate.

LIVERD has the professional technical personnel, strong production and R&D team and complete testing equipment, test products according to Europe Pharmacopeia and United States Pharmacopeia. And LIVERD actively cooperate with the Shenyang Chemical University and many other domestic institutions of higher learning to jointly develop new products. At present, there has been a breakthrough in the extraction of silymarin and the development of silymarin health care products.

Different from other Silymarin manufacturers, we are the exclusive factory which has stablished two seperated workshops and independent production lines to produce our Silymarin extracted with different solvents(Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Ethanol, different series), so we can guarantee our Silymarin has no any solvents cross-contamination.

Our Milk thistle extract produce capacity is 500 Tons per year. and this year, we are preparing new workshop which with high degree of automation and more advanced equipments, after finished, our produce capacity can be able to more than 1000 tons per year after 2020.

Because Professionality, So Focus.

Because Integrity, So Trusted.

LIVERD pays great attention to the construction of excellent corporate culture, and through tireless efforts to lead the development trend of the Silymarin industry with innovative thinking.

Welcome the new and old customers to LIVERD, anytime. We will serve all customers wholeheartedly.

LIVERD extends the deep appreciation to all customers with the sincere hope of cooperating and creating a bright future, also will do our best to contribute to the health of the world.

LIVER Health from LIVERD.


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沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD

Silybum Marianum Oil

沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD

Water Soluble Silybin

沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD


沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD

Silymarin extracted by Ethanol

沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD

Silymarin extracted by Ethyl Acetate

沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD

Silymarin extracted by Acetone