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Lodaat Pharma

United States

Lodaat LLC is an award winning, US based manufacturer of botanical extracts for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry.  We pride ourselves on our cutting edge science, innovation, and quality.  Our branded ingredients have structural and functional claims,  utilize clinical trials, and our own proprietary technology.  

Our ingredients build brands and support the following therapeutic indications: Sports Nutrition, Bone-Joint, Immunity, Sexual Health, Gut Microbiome, Weight management, Cognition, Men's Health, Women's Health, and Sleep support.  

We have an international patent published on our manufacturing process, and partnerships with leading academic Universities including the University of Michigan Medical School, and Western Sydney University (Australia).

Other innovations include botanical extracts with water solubility, Starches, natural sweeteners, colors and flavors with clean, organic, and Non-GMO certifications.

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  • AquaTurm (Water Soluble Curcumin)
  • JAGEVIA (natural sweetener)
  • Slim-Odaat (weight managment)
  • PotatoDaat (gut microbiome)
  • Tapodaat (natural maltodextrin substititute)
  • TESTO-DAAT (Tribulus)
  • I WANT LIMITLESS (Sports nutrition botanicals)
  • I WANT MY MOJO (Men's Health)
  • LO-CHOL (Garlic Extract with Clinical Trial)
  • AY-Thermogenisys (proprietary manufacturing process)


  • Drug Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT)
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)


“Effects of probiotics on humans and animals under environmental or biological changes “
Patent Number: 8,318,152 | Patent Date: 03/10/2013


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Mens health testosterone energy vitality sport nutrition sexual health

Men's Health Ingredients

gut microbiome potato starch

PotatoDaat (Gut microbiome starch)

Jagevia natural healthy sweetener sugar substitute

JAGEVIA (natural healthy sweetener)

AquaTurm Water Soluble Curcumin

AquaTurm (water soluble Curcumin)

Lodaat Botanical Extracts


Lodaat Botanical Extracts

Research & Development

Lodaat Botanical Extracts


Lodaat Botanical Extracts

Botanical Extracts