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Lorand Laboratories LLC

Houston, TX 77089
United States

Lorand Laboratories specializes in an innovative, highly potent aloe vera powder created by Santiago Rodriguez. The active ingredient in aloe vera is acemannan, and due to planting, harvesting and proprietary processing, BiAloe(R) is high in total acemannan (immunomodulatory and bioavailable acemannan). While it is expensive, it is also cost-effective because a formulator only needs to use one-third to one-tenth the amount compared to other aloe vera forms.


  • BiAloe - The Perfection of Aloe Processing
  • HQ 200X - High Quality 200X Inner Leaf Powder
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Overview of Lorand Labs and BiAloe®

BiAloe® - Highest Quality Aloe vera Made

Organic and Kosher Production Process

Formulation Guide & Structure Function Claims