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Lycored Corporation

Orange, NJ 07050
United States

Nutrition isn’t complicated. For Lycored, it’s natural.

Lycored has been a leader in the research and development of carotenoid-based products for the last two decades and they take that role very seriously. This means they approach everything they do with a sense of wonder and a driving desire to find the best possible outcome or create the highest-quality product.

Sometimes they begin with an actual seed (from one of our tomato farms) and sometimes they start with the seed of an idea—maybe a health-related concern or even a question that was posed by one of our scientists on a quick coffee break. No matter how the process starts, they always go through extensive and time-consuming testing procedures, studies, and periods of refinement before ever bringing anything to market.

Their process takes a long time. And no, it’s not the easy way to do things. But when you’re fully committed to what you’re creating, you don’t mind putting in those extra hours, days, and years.

All of this work can lead any number of places. Sometimes it leads their team to a brilliant and unexpected new discovery like our microencapsulation technique (which keeps ingredients stable and releases them slowly into the body) and of course all-new products (like our vegan-friendly red colorant). They devote themselves fully to everything they make because manufacturing a proven-effective supplement isn’t enough. Their real hope is to improve industry standards by fostering a level of compassion and consciousness that all too often isn’t a part of the conversation.

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