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Lyxia Corp / Xiaozao Tech

Culver City, CA 90230
United States

Traditionally, DHA and EPA have been obtained from fish oil. For a number of reasons, including overfishing and environmental contamination, consumers have begun to seek out more sustainable alternative sources for these essential nutrients. Lyxia's innovative, industrial-scale process will deliver a 100% vegan, cholesterol-free, heavy metal-free source of EPA omega-3 ingredients to satisfy this growing market segment.

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AlgaLab™ CEPA EE 35

EPA EE oils from Nannochloropsis salina, which contains EPA EE with 350mg/g from total Omega-3 400mg/g, with no DHA at all.

AlgaLab™ CEPA EE 55

EPA EE oils from Nannochloropsis salina, which contains EPA EE with 550mg/g from total Omega-3 600mg/g, with no DHA at all.

AlgaLab™ CEPA 30 Natural

Natural oils which are phospholipids and glycolipids in black, dark green color, containing EPA 300mg/g from total Omega-3 300mg/g, with no DHA at all.

AlgaLab™ Blended Algal Oil TG 45

rTG EPA from Nannochlorpsis blended with TG DHA from Schizochytrium with light yellow color, Containing DHA TG 300mg/g, EPA TG 150mg/g from total Omega-3 500mg/g.

AlgaLab™ Blended Algal Oil EE 60

EE EPA from Nannochlorpsis blended with EE DHA form Schizochytrium in colorless, containing DHA 300mg/g, EPA 300mg/g from total Omega-3 650mg/g.

AlgaLab™ Blended Algal Oil Natural 35

Natural EPA from Nannochlorpsis blended with TG DHA from Schizochytrium in Dark Green, Brown color. Containing DHA 200mg/g, EPA 150mg/g from total Omega-3 350mg/g



  • AlgaLab™


  • Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED)
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