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Machu Picchu Foods

51127 Lima Lima

We are Machu Picchu Foods, the leading Peruvian company in the cacao market, Peru's number one exporter of cacao products and the country's most important bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer, deeply committed to offer sustainable products of the highest quality.

You would be able to choose from a wide range of high quality cacao products to use in your own chocolates or choose us to manufacture your products using our cacao. The cocoa products that we offer are: cocoa beans, cocoa nibs, natural and deodorized cocoa butter, cocoa mass, natural and alkaline cocoa cake, natural, alakaline, dark brown, black, red, and with lecithin cocoa powder. We also offer chocolates and confectionary products.

Our organic, fairtrade and sustainable program has been designed to give farmer numerous benefits, fostering close ties with their communities and promoting environmentally sustainable practices. We work with 6000 farmer's families.



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Wafers stick

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Candied almonds

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Cake Premix

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Vitaminized cocoa

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Chocolate Bars

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Chocolate Drops

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Couverture Chocolate

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Cocoa Powder

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Cocoa Butter

Sale of chocolates - Peruvian cocoa husks - Machu Picchu Foods leader in chocolate esports

Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa Shells

The chocolate company produces, markets and exports products derived from cocoa beans - Machu Picchu Foods

Cocoa Beans