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Mibelle AG Biochemistry

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SaraPEPP™ Nu: Be focused – stay smart

SaraPEPP™ Nu is a unique and natural cognition and mental performance enhancer prepared from Timut Pepper and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil.

SaraPEPP™ Nu is applicable for softgel applications as it could be easily blended with Omegas and other lipid-soluble nutrients like Vitamin A & E; and functional beverages, Ready-to-Drink products (in form of emulsions) and smoothies.

SaraPEPP™ Nu is suitable for students, working professionals and golden agers.


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PhytoCellTec™ Md Nu - Mibelle Biochemistry

PhytoCellTec™ Md Nu

SaraPEPP™ Nu - Mibelle Biochemistry

SaraPEPP™ Nu

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