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Mineral Resources International

Ogden, UT 84401
United States


  • Anderson's Concentrated Mineral Drops
  • OmniMin
  • Inland Sea Water
  • elete Electrolyte Add-In
  • elete CitriLyte Add-In
  • tablytes
  • FortiSalt
  • FortiFlavor
  • Health Solute ions
  • elete
  • Inland C.M.D.
  • Sea M.D.
Anderson's Concentrated Mineral Drops|OmniMin|Inland Sea Water|elete Electrolyte Add-In|elete CitriLyte Add-In|tablytes|FortiSalt|FortiFlavor|Health Solute ions|elete|IONIQUE|Inland C.M.D.|Sea M.D.


  • Natural Products Association (NPA)


Mineral Complex 100-4
Anderson's Sea. M.D.
Great Salt Lake Concentrate
Anderson's Sea. M.D.
Ionic Mineral
Anderson's Sea. M.D.
Bulk/Private Label | Mineral Resources International Inc.

Bulk/Private Label

elete Tablytes | Mineral Resources International Inc.

elete Tablytes

Balanced Salt Substitute -- FortiSalt (R)

Inland Sea Water (TM)

Mineral Complex 110-2 Liquid Ionic Magnesium and Trace Mineral Concentrate

Mineral Complex 100-4 Liquid Ionic Magnesium and Trace Mineral Complex

Mineral Complex 80 - OmniMin