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Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients

  • Company Fact Sheet of Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, Inc. (“MIFI”)
  • Learn about who we are, what industries we service, how we’re structured, our history, and read a message from the President & CEO of MIFI.

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  • Cluster Dextrin® by Glico Nutrition
  • Highly Experiential, Clinically Proven Cluster Dextrin to improve Sports Performance, Hydration and Amino Acid Delivery and Taste Masking for Pre, Post, and Intra Workout Blends.

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  • Hyabest® (S) LF-P by Kewpie Corporation
  • Highly Experiential, Clinically Proven ingredient to improve Beauty from Within Applications and Joint Care Applications.

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  • Immuno-LP20® by House Wellness Foods Corporation, Ltd.
  • Highly Experiential, Clinically Proven ingredient to support balancing the body’s natural immune defenses. View video

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  • Earthrise® Nutritionals California Grown Spirulina
  • Highly Experiential, Clinically Proven ingredient with the highest Nutrient Content and lowest Heavy Metal Spirulina for Whole Food and Vegetarian Protein Applications.

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  • Lacris™ B. Coagulans by Mitsubishi-Kagaku Foods Corporation
  • Highly Experiential, Clinically Proven Spore Forming Probiotic Ingredient.

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  • PharmaGABA® by Pharma Foods International Co., Ltd.
  • Highly Experiential, Clinically Proven GABA for increasing Focus, Relaxation, Restoration, and Lean Body Mass. View video

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  • BioPQQ™ by Mitsubishi Gas & Chemical
  • Highly Experiential, Clinically Proven to Support Cognitive Health and Mitochondrial Biogenesis. BioPQQ is the only Clinically Proven PQQ and the only PQQ with FDA NDI Notification.

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