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NextFerm Technologies LTD

Yokneam Illit 2069208

NextFerm ( is an Israeli biotech start-up that is developing and producing high-end, science-based, fermentation-derived ingredients for the global food and feed industries. We own a broad spectrum of non-GMO technologies and methodologies for collecting, selecting, breeding and introducing new characteristics to yeast strains isolated from nature. We have integrated down-stream processing, clinical and regulatory capabilities and direct access to global players. We currently focus on baker's yeast, antioxidants, prebiotics and proteins.


  • Nextfreeze
  • Astaferm
  • NeoPro
  • NeoFOS
astaferm by nextferm is the first yeast fermentation-derived astaxanthin.  nature's most potent antioxidant


NextFerm - NextFreeze™


NeoFOS by NextFerm is a novel, yeast-fermentation (phaffia rhodozyma) derived Fructooligosacharide (FOS). This dietary fiber (prebiotic) is having higher efficacy and stability for a better efficacy and a broader application usage.


NeoPro by NextFerm, is a high quality, vegan, non-GM protein isloate made of yeast fermenetation


NextFerm - Markets

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