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NS Oils - MediVega

DN Negev 8514000

About us

MediVega™ from NS Oils delivers the pure, organic, and vegan health benefits that come from plants, fruits, nuts and that come from the Mediterranean region, many of which are at the core of the typical Mediterranean diet and have been used in traditional medicine.

MediVega seed oils are used in functional foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical formulations. MediVega oils are sourced from many different types of seeds, including pomegranate, black seed (black cumin), olive, sesame, and almonds, and jojoba.

Our seeds and nuts are harvested throughout the region, and the oils are gently cold-pressed in our parent company NS Oils facility.  The extraction process is natural, without the use of chemical solvents, and NES Oils is a certified organic facility.  NS is located in the town of Kibbutz Sa’ad in western Israel, where more than two hundred families, four generations, live, pray, work and farm together. One of Israel's largest producers of carrots, with a quarter of the country's production, Sa’ad farms citrus, avocados, almonds, and potatoes.

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