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United States is a key news source for the functional food and beverage and dietary supplement industries in North America, whether it is a dispatch from the frontier of probiotic science, the latest health claim developments or in-depth new ingredient appraisal. Covering scientific, regulatory and industry issues, offers a reference for all stakeholders in supplements and nutrition. With its blend of text, video and podcast content, the news can not only be read, but also heard directly from the lips of the people making the headlines.

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A Unique Botanical Supplement for Joint Health

Perluxan softgels

EVNol SupraBio™ Bio-Enhanced Tocotrienol Complex

EVNol SupraBio™ Bio-Enhanced Tocotrienol Complex

KERANAT, the hair loss solution.


Holimel®, your new ingredient for in & out photo-protection


Science deep dive: glutathione and oral availability


Explore Product Opportunities with Astaxanthin

Solasta®​ Astaxanthin.

SelenoForce®: Micro-Nutrient with Macro-Potential


Targeting Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Targeting Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Advancements in Turmeric: studies, debates, takeaways

Advancements in Turmeric

Adonat®, an effective support for mood, joint and liver support.


A natural ingredient to improve cognitive performance


Pycnogenol® Reduces Leg Swelling and Jet Lag for Travelers