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Orgenetics Inc.

Brea, CA 92821
United States

Orgenetics Inc. in 2007 introduced Orgen(R) brand ingredients, and has changed the world of vitamins since. Orgen(R) brand ingredients are 100% USDA certified organic and all-natural vitamins and minerals that are water extracted (so no solvents or excipients used) from organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals. Nothing is ever added to the standardized extracts, because they are non-GMO. Our functional ingredients line covers everything from organic and natural vitamin A (Orgen-BT) to organic and natural zinc (Orgen-Zn). Visit our website for an explanatory science video.



  • Orgen-C
  • Orgen-B's
  • Orgen-FA
  • Orgen-I
  • Orgen-E
  • Orgen-Bio
  • Orgen-Him, Her & Kids
  • Orgen-Zn
  • Orgen-Cal
  • Orgen-Mg
  • AimSlim
  • Alanzeebium



Orgen-Zn® | Zinc

Orgen-Si® | Silica

Orgen-SE® | Selenium

Orgen-P® | 50% Polyphenols

Orgen-OX® | 60% Polyphenols

Orgen-N® | Niacin

Orgen-Mg® | Magnesium

Orgen-Kid® | Kids Multi

Orgen-I® | Iron

Orgen-Him® | Men Multi

Orgen-GT® | 90% Polyphenols


Orgen-FA® | Folic Acid

Orgen-CR® | Bioflavonoids


Orgen-Cm® | Chromium

Orgen-Cal® | Calcium

Orgen-BT® | Beta Carotene


Orgen-Bio® | Biotin

Orgen-B's® | Organic B Vitamin Complex