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Orochem Sirona LLC, dba Sirona Naturals

United States

Sirona  Naturals by Orochem

Sirona Naturals manufactures soft gels that incorporate nutraceutical ingredients and proprietary

formulas developed by Orochem Technologies and its strategic partners.

Orochem is globally recognized for its ability to install, assemble and develop innovative technologies to

refine, improve and enhance nutraceutical supplements.

All of Sirona’s ingredients are of the highest quality, natural and are sourced from programs that follow sustainable practices. Tapioca starch vegetarian softgels are now routinely available for the discreet consumers!


·         Krill oil  made with SUPERBABoostTM

·         Focus  Brain  Mega DHA Softgel

·         Healthy Heart  High EPA Softgel

·         Curcumin    Maximum Absorb Formula


Contract Service

In addition to manufacturing our own brand, Sirona Naturals provides contract manufacturing as well. Advantanges:

?        Professionals with huge experience who offer creative solutions.

?        In-house Analytical Services departments to purify, and characterize reference standards.

?      Total control over quality and availability.

?        cGMP facility


  • Sirona Naturals