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PerkinElmer is a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment. Our innovative laboratory instruments, validation and service capabilities, combined with deep market knowledge and expertise, help customers gain greater insights into qualifying raw materials and verifying finished products while meeting regulatory requirements.


  • NEW! Altus UPLC and HPLC
  • NEW! PinAAcle™ 500 Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • NEW! LAMBDA™ 265 365 465 UV/Vis Systems
  • NEW! Spotlight™ FT-IR Microscope System
  • NexION® 350 ICP-MS
  • Optima™ 8300 -ICP-OES
  • Spectrum™ Two IR
  • Frontier™ FT-IR DairyGuard
  • DSC 8500 with Autosampler
  • AxION® 2 TOF MS
  • AxION® Direct Sample Analysis


  • AOAC International
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Wizard2 2-Detector Gamma Counter, 550 samples | PerkinElmer

Wizard2 2-Detector Gamma Counter, 550 samples

High Content Screening Instruments & Microscopes | PerkinElmer

High Content Screening Instruments

Mass Spectrometry | PerkinElmer

Mass Spectrometry

Atomic Spectroscopy | PerkinElmer

Atomic Spectroscopy

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Automated Liquid Handling Solutions

Chromatography Instruments | PerkinElmer

Chromatography Instruments

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ICP-MS Dual-stage Detectors

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Clinical Development

Official Electronic Lab Research Notebook Software | PerkinElmer

Electronic Lab Notebook

RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System | PerkinElmer

RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System

Atomic Spectroscopy | PerkinElmer

Atomic Spectroscopy