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Peruvian Nature S&S SAC


PERUVIAN NATURE® is the leading Peruvian company dedicated to the production and marketing of dehydrated Superfoods that serve as raw material for the food production and manufacturing industries for direct use by the consumer.

Our products are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Roots & pods: Maca, yacon, sweet potato, mesquite, and tara protein.
  2. Fruits & vegetables: Goldenberry, lucuma, camu camu, noni, and acai berry.
  3. Medicinal herbs: Cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, stone breaker, graviola leaves, huanarpo macho and dragon's blood.
  4. Grains & Seeds: Purple corn, cacao, quinoa, amaranth, cañihua, and sacha inchi.

Our product line: Bulk and private label, and our presentations: Powder form, raw, extract, concentrate juice, syrup and more.

WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN? We believe in doing things well and consciously. Conscious of the work we carry out and of the process this entails, of that which surrounds us, and of the consequences of what we do. This way of thinking and acting forms the foundation of everything we do at Peruvian Nature. Our reasoning is simple. We can explain. It is the result of working in a respectful way and investing love and passion in everything we do, however small it may be. Because when you work this way, the results are impressive. Not only for you but for the people and the environment that surrounds you.

Proudly certified: BRC, HACCP, GMP, Organic Europe, JAAS, USDA Organic, Fair choice, Kosher.

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  • OSS - Organic sterilization system
  • MacaHP

Peruvian Nature Mesquite

Sweet Potato



Purple corn | Grains

Purple Corn | Grains

Maca | Roots

Maca | Roots

Tara protein | Pods

Tara protein | Pods

Cacao | Grains

Cacao | Grains

Golden berry | Fruits

Golden Berry | Fruits

Peruvian Nature offers a variety of superfoods in extract form for your company. 

Superfoods | Extract