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Ithaca, NY 14850
United States

Petruz Açaí has been working with açaí fruit for more than 30 years, over time has improved its techniques and today it has become the biggest açaí factory in northern Brazil and has already taken açaí to 30 other countries around the world and is physically present in three overseas companies, growing, sharing Flavor, Energy, Health and Education globally and bringing the best açaí to the world.

We work mainly with açai but we also have other fruits in our portfolio. All our products are frozen.

About açai, this is a dry fruit that need to be add water to be consumed, this way you will find 3 variets of acai concentration, 9% popular, 12% medium and 14% special that identify the quantity of solids inside açai pulp.

We have an organic line:

- Açai frozen pulp 12%;

- Açai frozen pulp 12% with guaraná;

- Açai sorbet with cinnamon in pot of 200g e 500g will be launched in July;

Our conventional line:

- Açai pulp  9%, 12% e 14%;

- Ice cream;

- Açai mix of guaraná, banana ou morango in 200g e 500g. (sorbet)

We also have A3 line, conventional and zero. This product contains high Vitamin C level, due camu camu, acai and soja protein. Was thought for people who wants to take care of themselves in general and eating well in a pratic way daily.  


Caju pulp | Petruz Fruity

Caju pulp

Murici pulp | Petruz Açaí

Murici pulp

Açaí A3

Açaí with Strawberry sorbet

Açaí with banana sorbet

Açaí with Guaranà sorbet

Pure açaí berry premium pulp

Pure açaí berry pulp

Açaí zero stevia sweetened

Sweetened açaí pulp

Açaí and Guaranà organic pulp

Açaí organic pulp