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Pharma Marine AS


Who would imagine that a company from the rough west coast of Norway is all about tender love and care?

Our love for the wild nature, combined with the care for our resources and people, is why we define ourselves to be in the Quality of Life Industry.

Our team of industry pioneers and experts use their knowledge and passion to provide you with unique omega-3 concepts.

Pharma Marine has one of the most eco-friendly and high-end factories in the industry.

Our dedication to utilize the trimmings from food production of seafood has led us to the global launch of the CalaMarine(r) and CodMarine(r) omega-3 ingredient lines.

- Pure, sustainable, premium-quality omega-3 products brought to you straight from the west coast of Norway.


  • Calamarine
  • CodMarine
  • LipidMarine
  • GourmetMarine


  • Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED)
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