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PharmaTest USA LLC

United States

The VORTEX Sales Group offers test, inspection, and processing instruments used in the manufacturing and quality control testing of dietary supplements. We offer a full range of tablet, capsule, soft-gel and powder testing equipment such as tablet hardness, disintegration, friability, tapped density, powder flow, dissolution and packaging testing. We also offer CEIA Metal Detectors for tablets, capsules, powders and bottling lines, Ishida X-ray and Check Weighing as well as Cropharm Tablet Dedusters. Visit us at to learn more.

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Tablet Deduster

CEIA Metal Detection

CEIA Metal Detectors for Tablets Capsules Powder and Bottles

PT-SV100 - Pharma Test

Bulk Density Tester - Scott Volumeter - PharmaTest

PTG-S4 - Pharma Test

Powder Flow Tester - PharmaTest

PTB 420Auto

Automated Tablet Tester - PharmaTest

PT-MT3 - Pharma Test

Calibration Tool for Tablet Hardness Testers - PharmaTest

PTWS Dissolution Tester

Dissolution Tester - PharmaTest

PTB 111EP - Pharma Test

Tablet Hardness Tester - PharmaTest

PTLT Leak tester

Leak Tester for Packaged Goods - PharmaTest

PTF200 Friability Tester

Tablet Friability Testers - PharmaTest

Tapped Density Tester

Tapped Density Tester - PharmaTest

PTZ-S - Pharma Test

Disintegration Tester - PharmaTest

PTZ AUTO EZ - Pharma Test

Automated Disintegration Tester - PharmaTest