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Phyto Life Sciences Private Limited

Ambawadi Ahmedbad Gujarat 380015

PHYTO stands for following abbreviation:  Preservation of the Highly indispensable Nature’s beauty & Yearning to serve Technologically Advanced Natural extracts, Offering products of outstanding quality.

Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd.  Has one solo MOTIVE, to touch and grow with each firm affiliated to herbal foundation and add up to the quality of life of the end consumers.

Our products are a perfect blend of nature’s gifts, graceful and endless efforts of our R&D team and utmost advanced technology to make Natural extracts, Phytochemicals and Essential oils.

Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd produces more than 450 kinds of herbal extracts, phyto chemicals and natural/Essential oils. We have exclusive range of Plant, fruits, vegetables, spices & flowers extracts & Essential oils that can be used in varied product categories including Pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic and herbal products, Veterinary, Neutraceuticals, cosmetics etc.

Our products will help you to add the essence of natural herbs to the products that you tend to manufacture with an aspiration to maintain the finished product in purest possible quality.

All of these herbal extracts, phytochemicals and essential oils can be made available in dry form, liquid form, gel or paste form, as per needs and specifications of the clients.

We do not just provide our valuable clients with extracts but we are also determined to build long-term healthy business relationship to facilitate our mutual vertical growth.

Entire world has been changing rapidly. Currently, every producer needs to develop innovative products to boost their sales and also for surviving in this era of head on competition.

But fortunately World is turning towards natural wellness and there is a huge scope for Indian Herbal products producers to achieve the market demands by launching phenomenally innovative products with better efficacy, better potency and better price too and in a customer friendly forms.

In the same regards, we would like to give you short introduction of our company as mentioned below:

  • We are the innovator of standardized herbal extracts, phyto chemicals and natural oils/ essential oils (Please find the attached product list file).
  • We are the producer and supplier with qualification of Eligibility, Capability, Reliability, proven Quality, Excellent Service in our ingredients and also we provide wide range of products with varied characteristics and efficiencies.
  • Our AIM is to deliver over 450 extracts, phytochemicals and essential oils and we have already set up 2 astounding production facilities equipped with state of the art infrastructure with all modern machineries.
  • Unique key strength of the factories are System Accessible Production Area which means that the factory is designed and built in such a way that all their departments can be easily accessed and processing of products can be systemized sequentially and is deployed having a capacity of 20,000 Ltrs/day.
  • With the standard that we have set in the market and the quality we provide have helped us reach certain heights gracefully and thus we are establishing yet another manufacturing near Halol soon enough that too with all advanced application of product as well as process up-gradations to provide even better quality products.
  • This is the unique facility which has 4 separate areas for aqueous extraction, Solvent based extraction, Hydro alcoholic extraction and oil extraction.
  • We hope you found our above introduction insightful and we positively look forward to Seeing you in Supply Side West 2019.