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Premier Plastics Inc.

Salt Lake City, UT 84119
United States

ABOUT US - Our capabilities and technical expertise are vast and intricate. However, our approach to providing the best possible client experience is simple; honest, transparent relationships and consistent on-time delivery of quality work. Our commitment to the process and our client’s satisfaction energizes every aspect of Premier Plastics.


MEDICAL - We are IOS 9001:2015 Certified with Class 8 Clean Room capabilities, ensuring product sterility and integrity throughout the entire packaging process.

RETAIL - We are innovators in solving retail packaging challenges, incorporating our client’s vision and our wisdom to deliver fresh effective design solutions that increase brand recognition and command shelf space awareness.  

ELECTRONICS - We employ the latest Anti-static or Static Dissipative materials on the market today, protecting sensitive electronic items from packaging to display.

COSMETICS & PERSONAL CARE - We understand that presentation in the personal care industry is key to successful product display and end user appeal.  

FOOD  - We incorporate innovative design solutions with certified food grade packaging materials to ensure product recognition, freshness and ease of use.


CLAMSHELL - Maximizes product appeal and provides a higher value perception over other types of packaging options.

BLISTER PACK -  Blister packaging is used for its affordability, performance and functionality.

STRETCH PAK - Stretch Pack provides your customer a 360° product view for maximum exposure and increased consumer confidence.

FORM, FILL & SEAL -Form, Fill & Seal is used in a variety of markets and product categories, including supplemental vitamins, nutraceuticals, snack foods, dried fruit, Kratom and more.

CUSTOM TRAYS - Do you need packaging design that increases production or keeps your products sterile?  Either way, we are experts in delivering leading edge innovative design to maximize product sales performance.

CONTRACT PACKAGING/CLUB PACK - The preferred packaging style for big box retailers, contract  packaging is an effective turn key solution for clients requiring full packaging and fulfillment services as well as Point-of-Sale retail display.

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Premier Plastics, stretch packaging, salt lake city utah

Stretch Packaging

Premier Plastics, Inc. specializes in Custom Tray Thermoforming in Salt Lake City, Utah | Premier Plastics

Custom Tray Thermoforming

Premier Plastics, Inc. specializes in Custom Point of Purchase Point of Sales Display Design in Salt Lake City, Utah | Premier Plastics

Custom POP Display

Premier Plastics, Inc. specializes in Custom Blister Packaging in Salt Lake City, Utah | Premier Plastics

Blister packaging

Premier Plastics, Inc. specializes in Custom Clam Shell Packaging in Salt Lake City, Utah | Premier Plastics

Clamshell Packaging