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Primex EHF

580 Siglufjordur

Primex ehf is the manufacturer of high quality chitosan, manufactured from fresh shrimp shell.  The wild shrimp is harvested out of the North Atlantic Ocean, near the Arctic Circle making it a very pure and clean material. Primex also offers sustainability as we are fully utilizing sustainable caught shrimp raw material to produce chitosan.


We have certified our quality management system according to ISO 22000, along with standard for certified nature products and HALAL. The combination of quality raw materials from untainted waters and a unique processing technology allows Primex to produce the purest and most effective chitosan on the market today. Our chitosan products sold under two trademarks, ChitoClear and LipoSan Ultra, are being utilized in many applications and markets around the world, such as Weight Management, Wound Healing, Biomedical, Nutritional Supplements, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Agriculture, Bioremediation and Textile. Primex offers different grades of chitosan; food grade, cosmetic grade and high quality grade, among others. 


Primex is proud to announce that the company was awarded “The Icelandic Innovation Award” for 2012. This award is given by The Icelandic Centre for Research-Rannis, Promote Iceland, Innovation Centre Iceland and The New Business Venture Fund to a company that has surpassed all others in development of a product or a service that is based on science and research and has been successful in the marketplace. Special attention is on young innovative companies whose business model is based on creative technique and ideas with great demand on science and knowledge. Also that the company is viable and the management of innovation is considered exemplary and offers an example for other companies to follow. For the last two years, Primex has been awarded "THE STRONGEST IN ICELAND” recognition, as Primex contributes to the future of the Icelandic economy. Only those companies that fulfil the requirements set by CreditInfo qualify as one of Iceland’s strongest. Primex is amongst 1% of Icelandic companies that have met the requirements.


  • LiopSan Ultra
  • ChitoClear
LiopSan Ultra|ChitoClear


LipoSan Ultra
Patent Number: 6,130,321 | Patent Date: 07/12/2001
High Tap Density Chitosan, and Methods of Production
The present invention provides novel methods of producing chitosan having a tap density of at least about 0.4 g/ml. In one aspect of the present invention, chitosan is selected having an average molecular mass of from about one thousand Daltons to about two million Daltons; a particle size that is smaller than 20 mesh; a viscosity of at least about 1 cps, and a percentage of deacetylation of from about 65% to about 98% A measured amount of the selected chitosan is then mixed with an amount of water that is from about two to about ten times the weight of the chitosan, and an amount of an acid that is at least about 0.1% of the weight of the chitosan. The acid is preferably an organic acid. The mixture of chitosan, water and acid is then mixed to a smooth paste, dried to a moisture content of from 0% moisture to about 20% moisture, and the particle size is preferably reduced to smaller than 20 mesh. In another aspect of the invention, chitosan is provided having a tap density of at least about 0.4 g/ml and the ability to freely flow through an orifice having a circular cross section having a diameter of about 4 mm. The chitosan of the present invention is relatively odorless.
Patent Number: US6130321 | Patent Date: 10/10/2000


Animal Health | Primex

Animal Health

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Wound Healing

Natural Weight Loss | LipoSan Ultra | Primex

LipoSan Ultra

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Natural Weight Loss | LipoSan Ultra | Primex

Natural Weight Loss | LipoSan Ultra

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