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Probi USA, Inc.

Redmond, WA 98052
United States

Probi is pioneer in probiotic research and development, and our probiotics are inside consumer brands all over the world. Probi was founded by scientists in Sweden 1991, having researched live bacteria since the mid 1980’s. Today Probi is a multinational company where consumer products containing Probi's probiotics are available in more than 40 markets around the world and Probi is holding over 400 patents worldwide. Probi USA is a NSF registered GMP probiotic ingredient producer and contract manufacturer of premium nutritional supplements for quality conscious brands around the globe. Probi USA specializes in producing high quality probiotics in bulk powder form and is an expert contract manufacturer of enhanced probiotic caplets, tablets, and capsules; many of which utilize the renowned and multi-patented BIO-tract® delivery system to enhance product potency. Probiotics are produced expertly in-house or sourced from third parties to meet client product formulation and quality objectives. Probi USA also applies its dietary supplement manufacturing expertise to produce a variety of controlled release nutraceuticals with and without probiotics. Three select concepts differentiate us from those on the market: Probi Premium is an exclusive range of patented probiotic health concepts based on specific strains. Concepts with comprehensive clinical dossiers showing repeated positive results on health benefits that are condition or claim specific. Probi Select is a range that consists of carefully selected probiotics, patented and clinically documented by Probi. Designed to bring competitive health benefits to broad target groups thanks to high standards of performance and viability. Livebac offers an effective range of live and active probiotic cultures for dietary supplement and food products. The wide range of strains give you the possibility to tailor the product to uniquely service your specific needs. A unique, patented delivery technology and a variety of application opportunities from pure cultures and blends to finished products in bulk or bottles.


  • LiveBac®
  • BIO-tract®
  • Immunobiotix®
  • ProbioSphere®
  • TraxCaps®
  • Primebiotix®
  • BIO-tract II®
  • Nutraceutix®
  • Probi Select®
  • Probi FerroSorb®
LiveBac®, BIO-tract®, VIABLEND®, Immunobiotix®, ProbioSphere®, TraxCaps®, Primebiotix®, BIO-tract II®, Nutraceutix®, Probi Select®, Probi FerroSorb®


  • International Probiotics Association (IPA)
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