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Pure Source LLC

Doral, FL 33172
United States

Pure Source is a private label, contract manufacturer with abilities ranging from creams, liquids and gels to tablets, capsules and soft gels. From our state of the art 70,000 square foot facility, Pure Source has been in operation in Miami, Florida since 1995. Pure Source is a registered and certified manufacturer for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, vitamins and supplements by agencies such as the United States Food & Drug Administration, The State of Florida Health Department and Department of Agriculture. Pure Source is also a certified organic facility. Whether it's the most upscale anti-aging cream, a regulated pharmaceutical item or a nutritional supplement, "quality" is the most important ingredient we use. At Pure Source we continue to build on our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. Because at Pure Source, our most important product is yours.  Our manufacturing abilities range from creams, liquids and gels to tablets, capsules and soft gels. Our packaging abilities range from sample vials and packets to 55-gallon drums and tote tanks. All of it under the direct supervision of highly experienced and trained personnel. Our fulltime product development staff includes chemists, pharmacists and engineers all uniquely trained to meet your needs. We can formulate to meet the demands of the harshest clientele in the fanciest of boutique or department stores….we can formulate to your exact budget.  

Pure Source can do it all. Our goal is to take care of 100% of your manufacturing and packaging needs, so that you can put your time, effort and resources into marketing your product. Our Turnkey services can do just that.  Present us with an idea of the basis for a product and we’ll take it from there.  It starts with a formulation and samples submitted for your approval. Once the product meets your exact specifications, then we’ll take care of all the necessary testing. From stability, to microbiological to clinicals trials if desired, we will supply you with all of the test results and backup data your product calls for. Then we’ll get to your package. Our expertise and experience can direct you to the perfect packaging. Packaging that will be compatible with your product, and easy and enjoyable for the consumer to use. Whether it’s the most cost-effective container, or the fanciest of private molds, Pure Source will take care of sourcing (and producing, if required) the perfect packaging for your product(s).  We use a wide range of artists and label designers to give you the exact look you want. And if your packaging includes boxes, cellophane, special shipping instructions, etc … we’ll take care of that for you too.   Our turnkey services can also include a wide range of product assay and quality control testing that is designed to give you maximum security at a minimum cost.

Pure Source has the resources to necessary to handle your product from beginning to end. From product conception, to product shipping and logistics, Pure Source is your one-stop solution.


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