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Qingdao Siyuan Stevia International Trade, Co., Ltd

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Stevia is a kind of natural healthy sweetener and medical auxiliary agent extracted from stevia leaves, a plant of asteraceas herb. It is pure white, with good taste, no peculiar smell, stable in property, not easy to become moldy, and also easily soluble in water and alcohol, It is a kind of sweetener ever discoverd with the most similar taste to sucrose, and approved for use worldwide. Stevia is high in sweetness, Low in calorie, its sweetness is about 200-450 times to sucrose, but calories is only 1/300 times. It is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, cosmetic industry, wine, etc. at the cost of 30% of sucrose. Therefore, stevia is an ideal alternative of sucrose, honored as "the Third Source of Sweetener" internationally.

In addition, through a large number of drug experiments proved that the stevia glycoside non-toxic side effects, not only no carcinogens, safety performance is high, and contains 14 kinds of amino acids and more than 10 kinds of trace elements(iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, sulfur and fluorine, chromium, bromine, selenium, etc.). It is an ideal medical auxiliary agents.

We are certified to FDA/GRAS. US organic, ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, BRC, etc.

Conventional Steviol Glycoside Series


Specification : SG75%----SG95%

It is most widely used stevia product, and manufactured according to the stevia standard of Chinese national food standard GB8270-2014. It is white or light yellow powder or granule with lasting and cool sweetness.

2. REB-A

Specification: RA40%----RA99%

It is white to light yellow ceystalline powder or granule, R-A glycosides in stevia sugar is the best composition of sweet taste. The product with a special cultivating stevia raw the mouth is not easy to desappear. This stevia product can improve the taste of food, quality and grade of the products better.


Specification: STV 90%----STV95%

The taste of STV is only second to RA series.


Specification: EM80%----EM95%

It is made by stevia with enzyme, using biological enzyme fermentation technology. The sweetness is about 100-200 times than that of sucrose and widely used in many industries because of pure sweetness.


Specification: Stevia Granule, Stevia Tablets



Table top stevia is a kind of finished product with zero calorie, zero fat, zero sugar and zero protein, It is made of stevia Reb-a 98%, erythritol.

New products/New trends

Mass production of RD/RM has been started since 2017, and received favourable reputation. We will be focusing on the R&D of new components, breed improvement for mass production, and taste improvement on Rebaudioside series.


Lately, Reb-D has become a new component which is studied and applied into products, It has an unparalleled sweet taste comparing to traditional steviosides, and its aqueous solution tastes almost exactly the same as sugar solution. Because the content of Reb-d is quite lower in dry leaves, currently it tends to be used in high-end products. With the R&D of new stevia seedling, the future of Reb-d is very promising.


Although the sweetness of Reb-B is not high, It does generate a fine taste in different stevia-involved formulations; while mixing it with other stevia compounds, it inhibits the possible bitter taste and brings fascinating smell.


As a newly discovered steviol glycoside which is not included in JECFA Reb-M showed its superior taste compare to Reb-d in recent developing and testings, and it gains the favor of several leading brands of food and beverages.

Steviol Glycoside Features

Natural----From pure natural plant stevia

High Sweetness, Low Calorie---The sweetness is about 200-450 times as that of sucrose. The calorie is only 1-300 as that of surose.

Cose-Effective-----The cost of using stevia is only 1/3 as that of sucrose.

High Stability------Stable to acid, alkali, heat and light, not easy to decompose.

Good Solubility------Soluble in water, ethanol and other organic solvents.

Safe in Use-----Approved as safe sweetener by FDA and JECFA

Long Shelf Life------Stable performance, bactriostasis, easy to store.