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Quadro Engineering Corp.


Product Overview:

For more than four decades, Quadro Engineering’s cutting-edge equipment designs and relentless innovation have combined to allow for significantly streamlined manufacturing solutions.  From equipment for pharmaceutical processing, to food processing, to chemical processing, to cosmetic manufacturing, Quadro Engineering is well-versed in helping a variety of industries.  With Quadro Engineering products, customers know they can expect to achieve unmatched coarse-to-fine particle / powder size reduction and milling results, and the highest returns-on-investment.  Since the introduction of our original, groundbreaking conical mill (Quadro® Comil®) design in 1976, we have continued to innovate, even as competitors have raced to imitate our designs.

We know that continuous improvement goes hand-in-hand with continuous innovation. That’s why Quadro Engineering continues to invest in R&D, further optimizing efficiency and solidifying our reputation as a global leader in particle size reduction technology and equipment.  Whatever your processing requirements, and whatever your industry — from pharmaceuticals, to food, to cosmetics, to chemicals, to biotechnology — we have the processing equipment to meet your needs and perhaps, exceed your expectations.

The SLS-Scalable Lab System

The SLS - Scalable Lab System™ is a single platform with 5 powder processing solutions from 4 readily interchangeable heads that guarantee that lab-scale results can be easily and reliably duplicated at larger production scales.  The SLS utilizes SMARTdetect™, a unique feature that automatically ensures the appropriate scalable speed range is fixed by recognizing the head being installed.  

SDx Series™ (Production-Scale Interchangeable Powder Milling & Screening):

The SDx Series™ is the most advanced powder milling and screening platform that utilizes one common drive with a series of interchangeable heads.  The unique SMARTdetect™ functionality ensures powder processing accuracy/ repeatability while reducing capital investment and cost of ownership. 

Comil Conical Mill:

Quadro® Comil® is the world’s leading screen milling / conical milling technology for achieving uniform particle size distributions and deagglomeration dispersions in the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries.

Quadro® Comil® Model H20:

The new, innovative Quadro® Comil® H20 redefines conical milling by pushing the capabilities of cone mill technology toward finer particle size distributions, making it ideal for niche Pharma OSD targets, APIs, fine chemical products, and cosmetic final color / blend dispersing.

Quadro® FlexSift:

Quadro® FlexSift takes industrial powder screening technology to the next level.  The FlexSift is a high-capacity centrifugal sifter/separator with the convenient inline design that has revolutionized security screening equipment technology.  Simply install the FlexSift near the beginning of your process stream to effectively deagglomerate raw materials, while capturing and retaining foreign materials and other impurities before they can contaminate your final product.

Quadro® Fine Grind:

The Fine Grind produces the highest percentage within target of any fine milling technology.  The Quadro® Fine Grind Model F10 is a turnkey, automated, stand-alone process system which makes it the ideal addition to your production line when quick and efficient process integration is paramount. &


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  • Quadro FlexSift
  • Quadro Fine Grind
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