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RAD Extracts

Palmer Lake, CO 80133
United States

Rad Extracts is the premier seed-to-sale resource for bulk wholesale CBD extracts, and finished CBD product lines. Utilizing our state-of-the-art food-grade alcohol extraction process we extract cannabinoid-rich full spectrum CBD oil.  We are devoted to extracting the cleanest, most sustainable, and cost effective CBD products on the market from the highest quality hemp. We methodically breed our seeds and manage our organic grow on a daily basis to cultivate high-grade CBD-rich hemp that is low in THC (below legal limit of .3%), which creates the ideal plant for RAD to extract. 

We are passionate about the hemp plant and its potential benefits. The industrial hemp plant is thought to have many benefits, such as a being a natural occurring neuroprotectant and an antioxidant. We are excited about making the world a healthier place one drop at a time with hemp extract and are devoted to getting you the best products at the best price.

RAD for a Reason: Here at RAD we pride ourselves in affiliating and certifying with organizations that ensure the integrity and quality of our oils.  All our hemp oils have been tested for cannabinoid potency, and overall quality assurance.  We provide the highest quality hemp-derived CBD oil at the best price possible while focusing on creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships

No Pressure Process: High pressure processes like C02 extraction damage the genetic makeup of the plant matter, ultimately destroying terpenes and cannabinoids that add to the entourage effect for full spectrum CBD oils.  We use a no pressure, cold, food-grade Kosher alcohol extraction to produce whole hemp-plant extracts that have all their terpenes and cannabinoids intact. 

Full Spectrum Oils: 

Benefits of using RADs Full Spectrum Oils 
• Full plant extracts: The plant does not have to be obliterated before extraction. In CO2 extraction the plant has to be turned into a powder like substance before extraction. In this process you lose many of the beneficial volatile terpenes. The material we process looks like it would in the field. This allows us to maintain the maximum amount of terpenes for maximum benefit and the entourage effect.

We also offer Distillate, THC-Free Distillate and Isolate

White-label Program: Have an interest in making the world a better place and creating your own hemp-based product line, but don't know where to start?  Look no further. With our white label program, we will manufacture, label and package your product using our industry leading ingredient formulations so all you need to do is sell the product. This is a hands-off approach for someone to start a small business with minimal investment.

Tinctures: Our tinctures are tailored to your needs, everything from the CBD content to the flavor is up to you! We are able to produce full spectrum-based tinctures that are custom formulated to perform exactly the way you want them to.  Our custom formulations include different carriers too, including MCT oil, extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, and hemp seed oil.  Our tinctures are available in 5 base flavors (mint, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, orange cream, tiramisu) but can work with any flavor profile.

Liquid Capsules: Our full-spectrum liquid capsules are an extremely efficient and easy way to consume CBD.  Our capsules contain natural ingredients only and use MCT oil as a carrier. Available in either 20mg or 30mg doses at 30 count.


Face Serum: Our full spectrum hemp extract face serum is mixed with both hemp seed oil and Cranberry seed oil to create a moisturizing face serum that helps to bring life and moisture back to the skin. Our face serum is available in 30ml and 120ml bottles at 200mg or 300mg CBD per ounce.

Massage Oil: Our full spectrum hemp extract massage oil is intended to relieve fatigued muscles and create a quicker recovery time by combining our hemp extract with a blend of relieving massage oils.  Our massage oil is available in 4oz bottles and contains 400mg CBD in a bottle.

Cooling Muscle Relief Gel: Experience muscle relief and an icy-hot sensation with our full spectrum hemp extract cooling muscle relief gel.



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Wholesale CBD Oil, Crystalline Isolate, and Distillate

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Wholesale CBD Oil, Crystalline Isolate, and Distillate

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Wholesale CBD Oil, Crystalline Isolate, and Distillate

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Wholesale CBD Oil, Crystalline Isolate, and Distillate

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