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Rochem International Inc.

United States

Business Units

  • Nutraceuticals and Vitamins for the Supplement Industry.
  • Sweeteners, Amino Acids, Fibers, Prebiotics, and other ingredients for the Food, Beverage & Confectionary Industry.
  • Human RX and OTC Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • Veterinary APIs/Feed for Animal Health companies.


  • Headquartered in Long Island, New York: Regulatory, accounting, customer service, and project management personnel.
  • Own GMP compliant/FDA registered warehouse in NY – nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients.
    • Other US warehousing locations – Illinois and California.
    • Multiple international warehouses including Canada and UK.
  • Sourcing office in Qingdao, China.
    • Full time auditors and sourcing managers.
  • Multiple EU office locations to support multinational customers.

What We Do – Commercial


  • Primary and alternative source identification - cost reduction on existing spend
  • Prequalification/internal assessment and auditing – risk mitigation
  • Ability to setup and host customer/regulatory agency audits - GMP/ISO


  • Brokerage, customs clearance, warehousing, and in-land transportation
  • Delivery terms – FOB, CIF, DDP, etc.
  • Flexible credit/payment terms; Long term supply agreements

Supply Chain Management; Regulatory compliance

  • Ability to fit in to any procurement model – large or small
  • Project and inventory management – timed releases/annual bids/blanket orders
  • Regulatory compliance – certification (non-GMO/organic/halal/kosher)

What We Do – R&D


  • Identification of commercial manufacturers and CMOs
  • Prequalification/internal assessment – technical capabilities

Development Services (Partner)

  • Ability to work on custom specifications
  • Development and exchange of analytical methods
  • Sampling
  • Blending capabilities

Complete Confidentiality (CDA/NDA)

  • Project management and routine updates
  • Liaison three-way meetings for technical discussions
  • Offer ideas to customers, driven by manufacturing partners

Regulatory Expertise

  • Over 500 in-house cGMP audits performed in China
  • Average 10 agency inspections per year, increasing every year
  • Attended over 100 FDA and EU Authority inspections with an overall FDA pass rate of 100%
  • Support our customers with all necessary documentation, certification and statements upon request
  • Review and release of CoA
  • Claim handling

Inventory Management

  • Material received by our warehouse and inspected
  • Entered into our inventory system by batch; received date
  • Sales order entered and material allocated using standard first in first out
  • Warehouse prepares outbound shipment and 2 people check to ensure correct batch(s) are shipped and prepares paperwork
  • Copy of documents sent to customer

Rochem's Added Values

  • Local warehousing with safety stock once supply agreements are finalized by all parties
  • Giving transparency between customers and suppliers for regular visits of each other with Rochem
  • Bridging the cultural gap between the east and west to get the same understandings for long term business relationships
  • Rochem's top management and decision makers of the manufacturers work closely whether the supply situation is good or bad


  • Drug Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT)
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - Rochem International Inc.


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Amino Acids - Rochem International Inc.

Amino Acids

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