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Sandream Impact LLC

United States

Sandream Impact represents some of the best Chinese manufacturers for ingredients such as glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, vitamins B1, B3, B12 and B5 (D-Cal Pan), ginkgo/green tea/grape seed extracts and more. SDI also has strong positions in HuperPure A™ (Huperzine A 1 percent), pure synthetic resveratrol, biotin, CoQ10 and many other botanical extracts.

Sandream Impact - Cosmetic Glitters

Cosmetic Glitters

Sandream Impact - Nature Exfoliator Series

Nature Exfoliator Series

Sandream Impact - Soft Focus Powders and Pearls

Soft Focus Powders and Pearls

Sandream Impact - Diamond Dust Bronze

Diamond Dust Bronze

Sandream Impact - Colored Pigments

Colored Pigments

Sandream Impact - Nutraceutical


Sandream Impact - Nutraceutical

Herbal Extracts

Sandream Impact - Cosmetics Actives

Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging & Moisturizing, Conditioning Agents

Sandream Impact - Cosmetics Actives

Cosmetics Actives

Sandream Impact - Nutraceutical


Sandream Impact - Pharmaceutical


Sandream Impact - Gemini OV-18

Gemini OV-18