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Senmi Ekisu Co., Ltd.


Senmi Ekisu is a 45-year old Japanese leading manufacturer dedicated to researching, developing, producing, and marketing “Nature-based” nutraceutical ingredients made in HACCP and FSSC 22000 certified facility.


Senmi Ekisu’s VALTYRON® is a clinically proven nutraceutical ingredient for Heart Health or Blood Pressure Management. VALTYLON® is suited for defense against High-Blood-Pressure- or Hypertension-related diseases like Vision Loss, Heart Failure / Attack, Kidney Disease / Failure, and Sexual Dysfunction.


VALTYRON® is a peptide mixture made from natural sardine with demonstrated ACE inhibitory activity. No side effect like dry cough observed for ACE inhibitors has been reported by the use of VALTYLON® for more than 20 years.


VALTYLON® is suitable for your healthy eating plan away from the discontent of limited diets required for hypertension group.


We aim to partnerships with innovative supplement players around the world patented GRAS certified ingredient preventive medicine.




Peptide SY
Patent Number: 6,905,704 | Patent Date: 06/14/2005


GRN000360 FDA 2011
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VALTYRON for Heart Health

VALTYRON for Heart Health by Maintainging Normal Blood Pressure

VALTYRON: Water-soluble Peptide Powder

VALTYRON: Water-soluble Peptide Powder applicable to different formulas

VALTYRON: Scientific Relevance

VALTYRON: Scientific Relevance

VALTYRON: History in Japanese Market

VALTYRON: History in Japanese Market

Ketsuatsu Jelly, Original End Product including VALTYRON®

Ketsuatsu Jelly, Original End Product including VALTYRON®

“Nature-Based”: Brings you more than just “Natural

“Nature-Based”: Brings you more than just “Natural