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Shandong Sheng 255000

Shandong Tianyin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is located in Zibo Technology Industrial Zone,covers an area of 78000?.The  workshop is completely designed and built based on the standards of food hygienic and equipped with first-class facilities and most advanced artcrafts.The company focuses on the research and extraction of natural plants.It has been developed to one of the biggest producers of natural extracts in China,and the first producer of natural plant extracts in Zibo city as well.In There are production base in Hei Longjiang, Inner Mongolia to keep the supply of raw material-marigold flower.

Under the market-oriented strategy,Tianyin is running in the chain from research,planting,production,sales to application.The main products are lutein,zeaxanthin and lutein ester.These products are widely used in the foodstuff,feedstuff and pharmaceuticals .The company have its own  import and export right and the market covers the United States,Japan,Europe,Southeast Asia and South America.


Lutein/Zeaxanthin/Lutein Ester Powder


Lutein power, zeaxanthin powder are obtained from marigold flower by extraction,Saponification and  purification. 

Lutein ester is directly separated from marigold flower by recrystallization.



Lutein/Zeaxanthin/Lutein Ester Oil/Suspension


Lutein Oil  20% is an orange yellow liquid of natural mixed carotenoids in vegetable oil. The mixed carotenoids are extracted from marigold flower and comprise primarily lutein, as well as small amounts of zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin. Gentle warming less than 40°C and thorough mixing before use will homogenize the product. The oil products can be used  into soft capsule and applied to eye health care products..

Lutein/Zeaxanthin/Lutein Ester Beadlets

With our embedding technology, we are able to make lutein/zeaxanthin/lutein ester  into beadlet form which is round and beautiful and rather stable than powder form. This products have high anti-pressure ability and are mainly  used to produce tablet and hard capsule.

Lutein/Zeaxanthin/Lutein Ester CWS

Cold water soluble,can be added into beverage.


Main Function:

(1)Promoting the health of eyes and skin by supporting normal eye functions and protecting the retina from blue light.


(2)Eliminating free-radicals, protecting human body from hurt, improve immunity, protecting skin from the harmful solar ray.


  1. As natural yellow color for food industry.


  • Tianyin Yellow
  • Tianyin Red
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