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Sinphar Tian-Li Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Hangzhou)

Zhejiang Sheng 311100

Sinphar Tianli is a subsidiary of a Taiwan public listing company Sinphar Group(Stock Code:1734), a new drug research oriented company. Sinphar Tianli is a GMP pharmaceutical grade company specialized in medically based nutraceutical materials and phytonutrients. All botanical materials are sourced and certified organic. 3 breakthrough global patented ingredients to be presented in 2018 SSW:

Walnut oligopeptide(Tianlife® Prodemax): A cognition and memory enhancement ingredient especially for young adult and children. Nutraceutical grade.

Cistanche tubulosa extract(Tianlife® TLCT-Plus): An effective and clinical grade ingredient.

Poria cocos extract(Tianlife® Lipucan): A therapeutic medical grade ingredient to enhance nutrients uptake.


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