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SmartPEP (Canada) Biological Technology Research Ltd.

Richmond, BC V7A 5H5

SmartPEP (Canada) Biotech is a R&D Company located at Vancouver, BC. We are the leading Canadian manufacturer of Peptide and Collagen. Smartpep can provide the solution from raw ingredients provision via manufacturing, to helping with formula customization, to manufacturing of products. We provide the Peptide ingredients to increase efficacy of their products; peptides become “the driver of the bus” when combined with other ingredients. SmartPEP uses only small molecule peptide which enhances rapid absorption and reduce a body’s negative response.

Our products are designed to help people achieve a state of health via nutrition. 

As a leading Canadian PEPTIDES manufacturer, we work in collaboration with NRC (National Research Council CANADA) on research and development of cutting-edge peptides that are sustainably sourced. 

Last year, we launched supplements under our own brand "NATRIHEALTH", to showcase how peptides can help increase the efficacy of botanical products. Supplementation of active peptides for disease prevention and anti-aging support have gained global momentum. With increasing incidences of metabolic diseases and cancers around the world, more and more people have begun to pay attention to their health and quality of life.  Smartpep is bringing that awareness to consumers with their specialized brand.

Smartpep believes the health is nurtured and sustained thru nutritional foods.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"



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Formulas – smartpep


Soybean Peptide – smartpep

Soybean Peptide

Corn Oligopeptide – smartpep

Corn Oligopeptide

Albumin Peptide – smartpep

Albumin Peptide

Wheat Oligopeptide – smartpep

Wheat Oligopeptide

Walnut Peptide – smartpep

Walnut Peptide

Fish Collagen Peptide – smartpep

Fish Collagen Peptide

Bitter Melon Peptide – smartpep

Bitter Melon Peptide

Rice Peptide – smartpep

Rice Peptide

Pea Peptide – smartpep

Pea Peptide

Emu Oil & Menthol Gel Cream – smartpep

Emu Oil & Menthol Gel Cream

Probiotics and Bioactive Peptides – smartpep

Probiotics and Bioactive Peptides