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Food4Change is a supplier of organic and natural foods with more than a dozen dedicated production lines between two facilities. We source, process, and package a variety of plant-based oils, protein powders, and flour. Some of our most popular products include Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut MCT Oil, Hemp Protein, Flax Oil, Hemp Hearts and Coconut Flour. In addition to sourcing and manufacturing these products, we also offer in-house branding solutions and full private label capabilities. Food4Change can assist in making your vision of a complete line of natural and organic foods a reality.

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Coconut Flour - Food4Change

Coconut Flour

Sunflower Seed Oil - Food4Change

Sunflower Seed Oil

Hemp Hearts - Food4Change

Hemp Hearts

Distribution - Food4Change


Packaging - Food4Change


Processing - Food4Change


Sourcing - Food4Change


Branding - Food4Change


Flax Protein - Food4Change

Flax Protein

Chia Protein - Food4Change

Chia Protein

Pumpkin Seed Oil - Food4Change

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Coconut Oil - MCT - Food4Change

Coconut Oil