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Specialty Enzymes & Probiotics

United States

Specialty Enzymes and Probiotics is a manufacturer of enzymes, supplying raw material, customized blends and branded products to the nutraceutical and animal nutrition industries. We offer more than 400 unique enzyme solutions in over 30 countries. With our sister company, Enzyme Innovation, we now serve more than 25 industries. Our source manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 22000:2005. As a manufacturer of a full spectrum of enzymes from plant, fungal, bacterial and animal origin, our technical enzyme experts create enzyme solutions for virtually any application.


  • DigeSEB(r)
  • Exclzyme(r)
  • Peptizyme SP(r)
  • HemiSEB(r)
  • NattoSEB(r)
  • SEB Gluten Relief(r)
  • Veg-Panzyme(r)
  • Prohydroxy P(r)
  • ClenzSEB(r)
  • Veg-Peptase(r)
  • SEBKinase(r)
  • SEBiotic(r)


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
  • Natural Products Association (NPA)
High-Quality Probiotics & Digestive Enzyme Supplements - Gluten-Free

High-Quality Probiotics & Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Pepzyme AG - Natural Supplements - Muscle Recovery & Protease Blends

Pepzyme AG™

Nutrient Absorption Supplements & Protein Powder Digestive Enzymes

Prohydroxy P™

Peptizyme SP EN - Serratiopeptidase & Fibrinolytic Enzyme Tablets

Peptizyme SP EN™

Exclzyme EN - Systemic Enzyme Blend - Inflammation & Joint Function

Exclzyme EN™

ClenzSEB PB - Probiotic Cleanse, Detox & GI Specialty Enzymes

ClenzSEB PB™

Bacillus Subtilis Probiotics - Shelf-Stable Bacillus Coagulans Enzymes

ProbioSEB Duo™

SEBGluten Relief - Gluten & Casein Intolerance Digestive Enzymes

SEBGluten Relief™

DigeSEB - Digestive Enzymes - Bloating, Gas, Milk & Soy Indigestion