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Azuca's TiME Technology: The best CBD ingredient for edibles.

Azuca’s patent-pending technology transforms the way CBD and Hemp Seed Oil are applied and delivered in an edible form.  

Instead of using a nano-lipid/fat-based emulsification, Azuca’s patent-pending technology creates a unique thermodynamic super-structure emulsification making it a more hydrophilic, or water-friendly product. ?

Oil-based edibles must be processed by the liver, impairing a predictable experience. Azuca’s hydrophilic  technology bypasses that lengthy trip through the liver to take effect in a groundbreaking 2 to 15 minutes—and the experience is predictable and controllable, every time.

Beyond Nanotechnology.?

Many have hailed nanotechnology as the answer, but while nano lipids are a significant improvement on traditional oil infusions, the products remain oil-based, so their effects will vary from person to person and day to day. Azuca has mastered the science of emulsion in a new way that’s several steps ahead of nanotechnology’s capabilities. The key difference is stability. With three patents pending, Azuca infusions remain stable for two years. In addition to eliminating short shelf-life headaches for our retail partners, this key difference also makes Azuca the highest-quality product available.


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