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Sub-Zero Extracts

Snyder, CO 80750
United States

Vertical Integration - Sub-Zero Extracts is a vertically integrated company, because in such a new industry it is difficult to depend on inexpereienced partners, and unstable raw material supplies, especially when safety and quality are of the utmost concern. 


Cultivars - Since mid 2014 we have been collecting, testing , and breeding unique therapeutic hemp cultivars with exceptional profiles of active compounds. We have a range of proprietary cultivars that no other extractor has access to, and can only be purchased in the form of our Certified Organic Extracts.


Farming - We operate our own USDA  Certified Organic Farm, where our practices go beyond organic into environmental responsibility through water conservation and soil/ecosystem restoration. We take a holistic approach to our agricultural system, analyzing mineral, organic, and biological content to create balance on all levels for holistic ecosystem health. Reduced tillage, companion planting, cover cropping, drip irrigation, and compost teas are a few of the ways we promote a diverse and healthy ecosystem, which in turn enables a truly exceptional cropping system.


Extraction - Our cutting edge Frozen Ethanol Extraction Facility was custom designed by our team to create the highest purity Full Spectrum, Whole Plant Extracts, with as little heat as possible, using only Organic Ethanol as a solvent. These techniques yield pallatable extracts that harness the full potential of our outstanding cultivars, carrying diverse profiles of active compounds including cannabinoids and terpenes. We also produce fractionally distilled "Distillate" Hemp Extracts, which carry our cultivars' full range of cannabinoids, in a high clarity/low flavor form. Our facility and our extracts are now Certified USDA Organic!

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